Matthews: We Voted For The "Patriotic" & "Inclusive" Obama, Now He's Just "Elitist"

Posted: Nov 01, 2010 3:11 PM
If Chris would have been less focused on the thrill going up his leg in 2008, he might have seen the elite, Senator Obama (among other things), the rest of us were passionately voting against.

Me thinks there's more to Matthews' excuse than what he says. Like many other Obama voters, the leg thrill is still there, they just know when to tone down the rhetoric and get out of the way of a stampede.

The great Shelby Steele has this to say about Obama's elitism:

[Obama's] coming of age paralleled exactly the unfolding of a new "counterculture" American identity. And this new American identity—and the post-1960s liberalism it spawned—is grounded in a remarkable irony: bad faith in America as virtue itself, bad faith in the classic American identity of constitutional freedom and capitalism as the way to a better America....

Among today's liberal elite, bad faith in America is a sophistication, a kind of hipness. More importantly, it is the perfect formula for political and governmental power. It rationalizes power in the name of intervening against evil—I will use the government to intervene against the evil tendencies of American life (economic inequality, structural racism and sexism, corporate greed, neglect of the environment and so on), so I need your vote.