The Great Uniter To YBF (Young Black & Fabulous): Blacks Probably Don’t Watch ‘Meet the Press’

Posted: Oct 14, 2010 2:10 PM
Imagine if any other president would have said this. For context, here's the people he decided were important enough to get a White House meeting.

BTW: Try these substitutes out: Not BET (Black Entertainment Television) but WET (White Entertainment Television); not "black pride" or "brown pride" but "white pride"; not "black power" but "white power"; not self-segregated black and Latino graduations but white-only graduations; not a Congressional Black Caucus or a Congressional Hispanic Caucus but a Congressional White Caucus; not "black leaders" (Sharpton or Jackson, for example) but "white leaders"; not Young Black & Fabulous but Young White & Fabulous; the list can go on for a very long time but I think you get it. It doesn't matter though, because white liberals are the ones propping-up all these disuniting groups and factions.

We no longer need laws that segregate, blacks and Latinos self-segregate and still blame whitey for being disenfranchised and blame America's (read: white America--especially, conservatives) lack of racial unification. It's all a scam and the race-hustlers (the Democrat Party) are raking in the cashola.