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Rev. Wallis on Criminalizing Illegals: "This Law Would Make Obeying Jesus Against The Law."

At a certain point, a person so consistently walks so far from what he claims to be, you just let him alone. The only reason I continue to post on Wallis and not ignore him with the likes of Olbermann, Schultz, and Maddow is that many Americans are uninformed about him and his so-called Christianity run through his despicable organization called
Sojourners. The heart and mind of Jim Wallis sees no "sin" or "justice." Like The One who appointed him "spiritual advisor," Wallis has created new terms like "social sin" and "social justice." As I wrote in my last Wallis post: "Anytime you add a word in front of 'justice,' it's no longer justice." So you know, this rule also applies to the word "sin."

BTW: How does the pompous, Al Goreian tone and cadence strike you when Wallis speaks? Is it an accident that one Joke consistently invites another?

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