Barney Frank's Homosexual Testimony

Posted: Apr 09, 2010 11:34 AM
If Barney Frank can proselytize the normality of his homosexual lifestyle to a national audience, I would like to respond. This episode is just another example of what might be called the eclipse of the normal; or as Oprah says, "I'm trying to normalize the abnormal." This "eclipse" or "normalizing" occurs when huge numbers of people feign ignorance of what is perfectly obvious. Barack and Michelle Obama, with their sycophantic solicitude for "gays," is typical of the left-wing mind-set. Who is to say what is "normal"? is now thought to be an insoluble conundrum. [# More #]

Well, who is to say that there are only two sexes? Or is that another tough one? It's clear that anybody who can't answer such questions just doesn't want them to be answered. All sane people know the answers, and it's a waste of time arguing with a man who pretends not to know, even if he's the President of the United States.

Today the very word normal is almost taboo. Destroy the thought that there is anything abnormal--let alone sinful, vicious, perverted, abominable, sick, unhealthy, or just plain wrong--about sodomy. (Unsanitary? Let's not go there.)

As a woman wearing a T-shirt at Disneyland's annual "Gay Days" puts it, "I'm proud of my gay son." Sure you are, lady. I bet when he told you, you blurted, "O darling, you make me so proud!" I mean, like, who wouldn't? And then you went out and bragged to all your neighbors.

I recognize that lesbianism is is also a form a sodomy, but to a lesser degree, because to my knowledge it does not involve the repulsive practices male sodomy does. How often have you heard of a lesbian dying of AIDS?

Most people realize that God made two sexes. Even the phrase gay and lesbian is an attempt to impersonate the natural symmetry of nature's (two and only two) sexes. The male brand of homosexuality is madly promiscuous and indiscriminate; the female brand tends to be monogamous.

In conclusion, the essential problem is a new form of hypocrisy in which we all feel pressure to affect ignorance of things everyone used to know--and which most people still do know, regardless of how many people applaud Barney Frank on national television.