Olbermann: "There is No Liberal Media"; Corporations, By Definition, Lean To The Right

Posted: Dec 15, 2009 12:58 PM
No doubt that Olby's Kool-Aid mustachioed moonbats think that he is naming a lot of conservatives in the media. But for those of us drinking old-fashioned H2O, all Olberbite is doing is naming Fox News (read: one television channel) and talk radio (read: am radio). What would be interesting (not to mention "fair and balanced") would be Olby vocalizing this cute little name-game with the liberal media's print, television (network and cable), and, yes, radio; Hollywood, music, education (K through college), arts and culture -- to name just a few avenues dominated by people with a leftist/liberal world view. No doubt he would lose his voice and the few people who watch him. H/T: Jeff Poor

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