Flashback (2006): CNN Calls Bush Mask with Hitler Mustache a Bush "Look-Alike"

Posted: Aug 13, 2009 8:13 PM
As Newsbusters wrote in their email: I think this speaks for itself. Reporting for CNN is the same lady (Susan Roesgen) who accosted the Tea Party folk in Chicago. Isn't it funny how "non-biased" her reporting is in this video iin contrast to the Chi-town one?

The media have moved way past doubling-down on hopenchange.; they've become more like an arm of Robert Gibbs. Notice too how all the coverage focuses on the protesters instead of what is making them so ticked off. The latest fad is grabbing some Joe Schmo from one of the protests and "debating" with them on national television. Not a fair debate/fight but at least they can claim balance, since they are the ones viciously supporting Obamacare.