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MSNBC: Senators Against Obamacare Are Bought By Lobbyists

This segment is brought to you by the "Lather, Rinse, Repeat" arm of the Obama Administration. Putting aside this commonly held liberal accusation, what upsets me most is that liberals and their media cohorts never mention the possibility that Democrats also take money from lobbyists who support their policies. For example, Republicans who do not embrace the hypothesis of man-made global warming are always accused of taking money from "Big Oil." However, what I have never heard from the MSM is a report highlighting money given to Democrats from environmental agencies or hippy activist groups. Therefore, the protocol goes like this: LATHER) Point out the Democrat naysayers (hopefully, with an overwhelming panel of liberals against a token "Republican"). RINSE) Accuse them that taking money from lobbyists is the only reason they vote against Democratically-held policies. REPEAT.


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