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MSNBC Gang-Up On GOP Guest After He Calls Out Their Non-Stop Rush Coverage

MSNBC's Tamarin Hall took great offense to Republican strategist, Alex Conant's dig at her network for their unending coverage of Rush; second, only to their Rudy
-like coverage of the holy one, peace be upon him. Liberal radio host Bill Press and clenched-jawed Shuster quickly got behind her and began throwing MSNBC gang signs while ad-libbing "yea's" and "uh-huh's." A courageous bunch, they are. Obviously, Conant was not the right contender for this card, but he did throw a great first punch. Hall's first strike had about as much power as my sister's left uppercut; citing Olbermann's Limbaugh "obliteration" was bordering on hyperbole. I will give her a pass, since I have never seen MSNBC run hyperbolic programs. Enjoy.


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