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Salem's editorial board member, David Aikman, was in Tiananmen Square 20 years ago reporting for Time magazine; he said this today: 

"Twenty years ago this week Chinese army tanks and troops stormed their way into the center of Beijing to snuff out an idealistic democracy movement led by students.  It was a hauntingly noisy and violent night at Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989.  I know:  I was there as an eyewitness.

The Chinese Communist Party has very successfully suppressed every possible reference to that night, so much so that Chinese students arriving in America are often shocked and disbelieving when they see footage of the events."

Eliminating uncomfortable realities (pictures of (L to R) Lenin, Stalin, and Mao demonstrate their administration's skill of airbrushing politcal foes) are tactics used by communist-controlled governments. Take a look at these three infamous photo examples:

Now, I don't want to sound hyperbolic or fringy, because there are obvious differences in consequences between Lenin, Stalin, and Maoist leadership and that of the Obama Administration, but there are eerie similarities between them that resemble within a different context some of the impulses that existed in communist doctrine guised in the name of political correctness..

For example, Obama's renaming the "War on Terror" "Overseas Contingency Operations"; and the Department of Homeland Security relabeling "Terrorism" as "Man-Made Disasters," invokes creepy overtones to communist tactics used in dealing with uncomfortable historical realities. 

Here, we see China's modern-day attempt to "airbrush" history:


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