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Congressman Compares College National Football Championships To ‘Communism’

Here are some highlights from today’s congressional hearing on college football; more specifically, the process of crowning a national champion. Rep. Joe Barton (R-TX) was the most passionate and articulate proponent of a playoff system (instead of, or conjoined with the Bowl series), so he is featured here. A few men representing the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) were there to testify. Basically, it boils down to money – as you will see and hear.

Taxpayer funded college and university football teams generate a lot of money. It appears that more money is generated for the BCS without a playoff system because the television contracts are worth more. What’s lost is fairness -- a national champion that can say they won their title on the field.

Oh, and why does Rep. Barton compare the Bowl Championships to communism? Barton says: "You can't fix it." The ending is the best: Barton tells the BCS to change the system or drop the "C" in their organization.

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