Obama Loses Place On Teleprompter. Ouch! UPDATE: UK Guardian Mocks 'World's Greatest Orator'

Posted: Apr 03, 2009 12:56 PM
Different setting, different Obama. Gone are the constant "ahhhhs," long blank pauses and stiffness that we saw earlier this morning. I thought the teleprompter was his savior until this little glitch happened at his French Town Hall.

UPDATE: "Bea" left a comment about this video that made me laugh out loud. I am re-posting it here for your Friday enjoyment:  

The Cantankerous Mr. Teleprompter:

Ooooh, me thinks Mr. Teleprompter "savant" is fed-up with the fact that zero credit has been accorded to his superb written presentation. He is never introduced; he is never thanked at the end of a reading/speech; and, he is never given even the slightest honorable mention by his partner, the honey-voiced reader, BO.

Ooooh, Mr. Teleprompter appears to be getting uncooperative and irritable. Maybe he is in a snit (a tad hostile) due to the eleven (11) other Mr. Teleprompters competing for BO's undivided attention.

BO just better straighten out this quasi-insurrection forthwith. OR....., he will expose his concealed speaking deficiencies.

UPDATE: The UK Guardian--yes, thee Guardian--makes fun of "World's Greatest Orator."