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ABC Cheers Iowa's Supreme Court Decision To Legalize Same-Sex Marriages

Here is ABC celebrating the Iowa Supreme Court ruling:

Below is a video of Iowa State Senator Matt McCoy, the first openly gay member of the Iowa Legislature inviting homosexuals into his state to be accepted and receive marriage licenses. Considering Iowa's
same-sex marriage approval was decided like it always is--by a few unelected judges--I am curious how Iowan's feel about McCoy's invitation. Who is "redefining the old cliche about Middle-American values" ABC?

Here's part of McCoy's video statement:

Here in Iowa, the Republican Party has focused on fringe issues for some time. And Iowans have responded by electing Democrats.

In less than a decade, legislative debate has moved from considering laws banning gay Iowans from adopting children or being foster parents to passage of legislation protecting children from bullying in schools, expanding Iowas
[sic] civil rights protections to include sexual orientation and transgender, a vote AGAINST amending the Constitution to ban gay marriage, and, now, a court decision providing full marriage equality.

Now Democrats control the Iowa House and Senate, and legislative leaders say the issue wont come up for vote.


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