Townhall Columnist's Opinion Pieces Ruled Not Protected by First Amendment

Posted: Mar 18, 2010 1:37 PM
A federal judge has ruled the opinion pieces written by UNC-Wilimington criminology professor and popular Townhall columnist, Mike Adams, are not protected by the First Amendment because Adams referred to them in an application for promotion.  Huh?

Adams sued after being denied promotion due to his religious views.  The Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), which has come to Adams' defense, is now considering options to appeal the decision.

In a statement, ADF Senior Counsel Jordan Lorence was quoted, “We disagree with the court’s assessment that Dr. Adams’ speech is somehow not protected by the Constitution. Opinion columns are classic examples of free speech protected by the First Amendment, and mentioning them on a promotion application does not change this fact.” 

Additionally, the upward trajectory of Adams' professorial career seems to have plateaued following his conversion to Christianity after priorly being atheist.  Coincidence?  What do you think?