Excellent: GOP Wants EPA Official to Testify before Congress over "Crucify" Comments

Posted: Apr 27, 2012 7:18 PM

In case you missed it: earlier this week, Sen. Jim Inhofe's office unearthed this little gem, in which an EPA regional administrator recklessly revealed the independent agency's true philosophy.

As Sen. Inhofe pointed out on the floor: it's nice to have such explicit confirmation, but we all knew that this was the Obama administration's true agenda all along.

But, while we have such damning evidence, I say we run with it, and that's exactly what the GOP is doing. The House Energy and Commerce Committee cordially invites you to explain your insidious comments for all to hear:

“[T]he Committee anticipates that it will request your presence at a hearing in the near future to examine enforcement priorities and practices of the agency,” the committee Republicans wrote to Armendariz in a letter Friday. ...

The lawmakers suggest that they would consider subpoenaing Armendariz if he declines to testify.

“While you have apologized for these comments, there is genuine concern that your comments reflect the agency’s overall enforcement philosophy,” the letter says. “The recently dismissed enforcement action against Range Resources is a concrete example of this concern. In light of this concern, we seek to examine how enforcement policies are being developed and implemented in your region.”

EPA officials have insisted that Armendariz’s comments do not reflect the agency’s enforcement philosophy.

Oh, this is gonna' be fun. Watching EPA and DOE officials squirm is quickly becoming one of my favorite pastimes, so I'll be sure to keep this upcoming hearing on my radar as more details become available.