Heh: Chevy Volt Styled European Car of the Year

Posted: Mar 06, 2012 12:07 PM

Just days after General Motors announced that they were suspending production of the Chevy Volt and temporarily laying off 1,300 employees, so that they could "continue to meet market demand" (a.k.a., retroactively stop making them for awhile because nobody is buying them), the electric car was named European Car of the Year:

The Geneva Auto Show announced Monday that the Volt, which is sold in Europe as the Opel Ampera, was named its 2012 Car of the Year ahead of its annual car show that opens this week.

The auto show, in its review of the vehicle, called the Volt/Ampera a "mature product, after years of development and perfectioning by General Motors, and the first example of an electric vehicle with extended range."

This just smacks of a politicized, not-based-on-merit farce, but hey, at least they're consistent -- when have greenies ever used practicality as a metric for excellence?

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Mike Adams