Obama Plays His 90th Golf Game as President in Hawaii

Posted: Dec 27, 2011 7:07 PM

Ouch. That the President of the United States feels confident in taking so much highly visible relaxation time seems, in my eyes, almost ostentatiously haughty and aloof--but perhaps that's the idea? From the White House Dossier, emphasis mine:

After an hour of hiking, President Obama Monday got down to the serious business at hand, heading out to golf for the second day in his first three days of vacation. He was back on the course at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

With this one, Obama reaches a new milestone, having gone golfing 90 times in less than three years as president. That’s about three months of golf, given that the excursions generally take about five hours – much of the useful portion of the day.

What’s more, it’s the 32nd time he’s been on the links this year, a record for the president. His 32 outings eclipses the 2010 mark of 30 and is far ahead of his 2009 tally of 28 rounds as president.

Hat tips to HotAir's Tina Korbe and Melissa Clouthier for pointing out that a President's time is never all his own--sounds like a few of our troops were rather inconvenienced on Christmas because of President Obama's extraordinary affinity for hitting the links.