Right On, Romney: Obama Thinks America Is 'Just Another Nation with a Flag'

Posted: Nov 22, 2011 11:30 PM

Well, darn it--yet again, if pressed to pick a winner from tonight's foreign policy debate, I would find myself forced to call it a draw between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich (good grief--GOP establishment, here I come!). Newt Gingrich is going to catch some serious flak for his less-than-staunch response on the deportation of illegal immigrants from hardline conservatives, but as far as I can tell, Mitt Romney pretty much cleaned house tonight. Once more, Romney's moth-to-the-flame type magnetism just keeps pulling me in, and I think I've finally figured out at least one principle that I can definitely trust Romney will maintain: he loves America and believes in our power as an exceptional nation. Perhaps it should be a given that a potential president would, you know, love America, but, given our current situation... I don't think it's something we can afford to take for granted. And while I'm certain every candidate on that stage tonight also loves America, Mitt Romney elucidated the damage Barack Obama has done to our country more eloquently than the rest.

Smart, competent, yes to American might, no to moral relativism... it's music to my ears.