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Social Security: Admitting You Have a Problem Is the First Step

In the GOP debate on Wednesday evening, Gov. Rick Perry stood firm on his comments that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. As Katie attested yesterday, this is not crazy, right-wing, extremist, radical, Tea Party demagoguery - it's the truth, plain and simple.


Are establishment liberals and the mainstream media finally, albeit painfully slowly, coming around to the common-sense fact that Social Security is an unsustainable fiction bankrupting our nation? While many liberals are still holding out, MSNBC's Chris Matthews, at least, has broken ranks from the Social Security Deniers. They say that just understanding that you have a problem is the first step on the road to recovery. (h/t the DC)

Liberals seem to take umbrage with the term "Ponzi scheme" because it's "pejorative," "aggressive," and implies a criminal endeavor. But if you're admitting that the structure of Social Security operates in the same way as a Ponzi scheme, here's an exit question: Why is it legal for the federal government to coerce citizens into a massive-scale program that would make an ordinary individual a criminal? Is it because the government is made up of enlightened, all-knowing individuals with only the most noble of intentions? Hmmmm.


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