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During a town hall of the Congressional Black Caucus in Detroit on Tuesday, the disgruntled-with-Obama sentiment in the room was apparently palpable, as California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters (Yes. I said Maxine Waters.) exhibited a shining moment of political authenticity:


"We don't put pressure on the president," said Waters. "Let me tell you why. We don't put pressure on the president because ya'll love the president. You love the president. You're very proud...to have a black man [in the White House] ...First time in the history of the United States of America. If we go after the president too hard, you're going after us."

These are tough times, and everyone - blacks, whites, Republicans, Democrats - is feeling the pain to some degree. Perhaps the admission was inadvertent, but political loyalty does have its breaking point, and Rep. Waters seems ready to throw in her criticisms of the President at her constituents' behest. "When you let us know when it's time to let go," she said, "we'll let go." With hope, more Democrats will come around to the fact that it is time to let go of unwavering race-and-ideology-based allegiance to the President in favor of a prosperous and functional America.




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