What We Know

Posted: Apr 19, 2013 11:45 AM

Information coming out of Boston has been fast, furious, and often incorrect. Here's what we know:

--The FBI began releasing photos of two suspects (this was yesterday). (Townhall)

--Two suspects in the Boston marathon bombing have been identified "by law enforcement officials and family members" as Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. (AP)

--The first suspect has died. That is confirmed, but the details still need clarification. This ABC story says he was killed after "exchanging gunfire" with police: "Officials at Beth Israel Hospital reported they received one patient who later died, but would not confirm it was the first suspect. That patient came in under guard and had suffered blast, shrapnel and so many gunshot wounds that caregivers were 'unable to count' them." (ABC)

--Unfortunately, an MIT police officer, Sean Collier, has also died because of the suspects. (ABC)

As far as additional information, that's where it gets sticky. This story, for example, paints an odd picture of the older brother, whose uncle said he called the uncle on Thursday to ask for forgiveness. He also reportedly complimented the uncle for "keeping up with his Muslim prayers." But apparently, the uncle had to get the full story from the news:

Alvi Tsarnaev only learned that his nephew was a suspect, shot dead, in the news Friday morning.

"Killing innocent people, I cannot forgive that," he said. "It's crazy. I don't believe it now even. How can I forgive this?"

There's also reports that Suspect 1 assaulted his girfriend. (Foreign Policy)

--Another uncle, clearly irate, gave a press conferece calling for the second suspect to turn himself in (note: story has been updated to clarify that there were two uncles--initially I thought they were the same).

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