MLB Teams Show Heartwarming Solidarity With Boston

Posted: Apr 17, 2013 11:30 AM

Yankee, Nationals, Brewers fan--those differences didn't matter this week, as stadiums around the country expressed support for Boston by playing either "Sweet Caroline" or the "Cheers" theme.

The MLB released a video of teams playing these anthems and the fans' participation. It's a heartwarming sight, and much needed, as people still process what happened at the Boston Marathon this week.

It was far from the only show of support expressed by the sports world since the tragedy occured, and a powerful contrast to the terrorism shown Monday. The fact that these sporting events could still occur is a great "in your face" to the terrorist or terrorists who wish us to live our lives in fear, but even more important was the consciousness that those attending recognized there was something greater than rivalries or the outcome of the game.

Enjoy. We could all use the reason to smile.

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