He's Still the Biggest Celebrity in the World

Posted: Jun 09, 2012 5:30 PM

It seems like every week, we're inundated with Obama-hanging-out-with-celebrities stories. So much so, that I'd kind of lost track until I stumbled across this video from Politico which details Obama's top 5 celebrity fundraisers.

Yeah, yeah, I understand that Romney has some celebrity supporters, too. But it all begs the question: do you really want Hollywood choosing your next president?

I will add this note: I don't think that being a celebrity automatically disqualifies you from having an opinion in American politics. If you're a citizen, this affects you. But I am not quite sure how Ivy League-educated Obama having celebrity supporters somehow comes off as making him glamorous and popular, while the Romneys are always out-of-touch for having money.