Oh No: The Return of Occupy Wall Street

Posted: Mar 18, 2012 10:30 AM

Remember that movement that professed to counteract corporate greed, but didn't actually get anything accomplished except build an encampment so poorly that sanitation workers had to come and clean it out? Apparently, they've moved on in tactics, but not in productivity. The Wall Street Journal reports:

With an early spring in the city, daily meetings of Occupy Wall Street’s General Assembly have returned to Zuccotti Park once again. And while many organizers assert than an encampment is no longer relevant to Occupy 2.0, some protesters are still holding out hope. ...

Much of this strategizing has focused on May Day, an occasion that the movement hopes to mark with a nationwide general strike.

“Folks have been meeting for months with unions and immigrant justice organizations,” said organizer Jason Ahmadi, 27. He said direct-action events will take place in Midtown, Central Park, the Upper West Side and elsewhere uptown.

“New York is inviting everyone not to go to work, not to do house chores, not to contribute in any way to the machine as we have been,” said Carvalho of the idea behind the general strike.

This spring, some organizers said they are seeking to avoid clashes with the NYPD. Carvalho called the new tactics an “artistic, guerrilla-like approach.”

I'm especially confused about how doing house chores has anything to do with being a machine. It sounds like Occupy Wall Street is really more against cleanliness than anything else, including corporate greed.

Just to show how much these outstanding citizens are contributing, it looks like several got arrested at their six-month anniversary event at Zuccotti Park yesterday.

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