Ryan and Christie Shared Thoughts on GOP Sweepstakes, State of Country

Posted: Sep 02, 2011 12:41 PM

Interesting tidbit from a CNN story regarding two "nays" (so far) in the GOP presidential primary field:

"[Rep. Paul] Ryan confirmed he and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who also has repeatedly said he will not seek the Republican nomination, spoke this summer about the presidential sweepstakes.

"We did talk a couple of times. We know each other, and we have talked a little bit over the phone just about the state of the country." He declined to talk details but said he would like to see Christie run.

Ryan said he thinks there is enough time for someone else to enter the race.

"It is not too late– look it is 2011 still. The election is in 2012. You know Iowa is not until January. So there is time. So I don't think I'd say this late date. I think you saw the first tier of candidates. Now you see another tier of candidates, and I don't see this as too late."

So far, he said he has not been contacted by the current contenders seeking his endorsement and added right now he doesn't have a favorite among them."