Former TSA Agent Admits Helping Accused Drug Dealer Through Airport

Posted: Aug 28, 2011 7:30 PM

A former TSA agent, Minetta Walker, is pleading guilty to helping a man accused of drug dealing get around the airport security scanners, reports AP and Fox News. She worked at Buffalo Niagra Airport.

"As a behavioral detection officer, Walker was trained to observe and analyze human behavior and had unrestricted access to the airport and its security stations. Sometimes, she'd direct travelers she appeared to know, including Frank, away from security lines where body image scanners or pat-downs might detect large sums of cash, and escort them to their gates so they wouldn't be pulled aside for random inspections, authorities said. She'd also alert travelers to the presence of undercover law enforcement officers, authorities said.

Investigators stumbled upon her behavior while monitoring the movements and cellphone calls of suspected drug dealers beginning about a year ago, according to court documents."

The drug dealer has pleaded not guilty.

I feel safer. Don't you?