Rubio Makes You Proud to Be American...Again

Posted: Jun 14, 2011 5:10 PM

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio usually fails to disappoint when it comes to giving a big speech. This time, it was his first speech on the floor of the Senate. He talked about the American dream, but, unlike Obama, Rubio uses it as a launching point to talk about why this should make us proud to be American, not how our exceptionalism is the same as everyone else's.

"Another American century is fully within our reach, because there is nothing wrong with our people. The American people haven’t forgotten how to start a business. The American people haven’t run out of good ideas. We Americans are as great as we have ever been. But our government is broken. And it is keeping us from doing what we have done better than any people in the history of the world: Create jobs and prosperity."

It's nice to hear someone talk about America and its potential without trying to cram high-speed rail randomly down our throats.