Hamas Breaks Attendance Record in Latest Child Indoctrination Camps

Posted: Jun 12, 2011 9:00 AM

Hamas has confirmed that their summer camps for children have enjoyed a record turnout this year, reports IsraeliNationalNews.com. The article explains that these camps are basically for indoctrination of young children and, oddly enough, are considered competition for U.N. camps:

"The 'summer camps,' combining Islamic indoctrination, paramilitary training, and social activities are set to begin again this year as United Nation’s summer camps, considered competition by Hamas, are being openly denigrated by jihadists. "

Of course, it's wise to take Hamas propaganda -- including camp turnout -- with a grain of salt, but the fact these camps exist and are growing is no report to be taken lightly. In fact, the article goes on to describe that at these camps, which had boys and girls attending, there are banners hanging on the walls talkinkg about 'death for the sake of Allah.' Hamas has also apparently attacked some of the U.N. summer camps, the article explains.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency summer camp system hosted 250,000 children and adolescents in 2010. This year, as with previous years, the UN camps were harassed by jihadist terrorists.

On May 23, 2010  a group of 30 armed, masked men broke into an UNRWA summer camp site and burned it to the ground. On the night of June 28, 2010 armed, masked men broke into another UNRWA camp site in the Al-Zuweida region in central Gaza and set it on fire. In both incidents the arsonists were not identified.

Hamas has its tentacles firmly grasped around Palestine in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, recently denying the nominee of a rival party (which favors peace with Israel) his ability to serve as prime minister, reports the Wall Street Journal. This is the group that even Obama criticized in his Middle East speech, while still somehow thinking it was a good idea and the time was right to propose a two-state solution.

A two-state solution with one state that can't control an internal group willing to burn UN summer camps and runs their own propaganda camps for children to promote jihad sounds light years away from realistic. Also, how does it help the United States' interest over there -- or the interest of world peace -- to give more credence and recognition to a "state" in which Hamas wields so much influence?