GOP Congressman Rips Romney and Obama: "Not Rivals" But "Running Mates"

Posted: Jun 08, 2011 9:39 PM

Michigan GOP Rep. Thaddeus McCotter sent out a blistering welcome today to GOP primary presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who is visiting Michigan.

""Motor City Hospitality dictates a Michigan message to Mitt that our struggling families, entrepreneurs and workers think Mr. Romney and Mr. Obama are not rivals, they're running mates," McCotter said in a press release from his office that detailed a discussion today among McCotter and community leaders.

He kept the foot on the gas, too: "In the area of cap and trade, the President and Mr. Romney both believe in climate change. In the area of health care, both the President and Mr. [Romney] believe in comparative effectiveness research and government controlling the supply of health care. What you see in the area of the Wall Street Bailout, both Mr. Romney and President Obama believe that the bondholders and shareholders on Wall Street should be held harmless, with no restructuring, no downsizing, no management changes, no equity, and no preparation for future to get capital flowing back again."