Good News: D.C. Abortions Canceled

Posted: Apr 14, 2011 10:31 AM
Don't ever let anyone lie to you that federal funding does not go to abortion: Consider this story from the DCist:

"28 women who were scheduled for abortion procedures in the District today were informed by a local clinic last night that, as of midnight, they would be unable to rely on D.C. Medicaid to pay for those procedures."

Federal funding going to abortion is in violation of the law. Yet, to no one's surprise, it happens, because Democrats have been dishonest about this issue.

Also, don't ever let anyone tell you Planned Parenthood isn't in this for the money (from the same article):

"In-clinic abortion procedures performed in the first trimester of pregnancy usually cost hundreds of dollars, a prohibitive bill for many low-income women inside the District."