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TSA Says 6-Year-Old Patdown Was 'Proper Procedure'

In an update to Katie's post yesterday, Time has the TSA's official response to outrageous patdown of a 6 year old girl:

"TSA has reviewed the incident and determined that this officer followed proper current screening procedures. However, in line with his vision to accelerate TSA's evolution into a truly risk-based, intelligence-driven organization, Administrator [John] Pistole has tasked the agency with exploring additional ways to focus its resources and move beyond a one-size fits all system while maintaining a high level of security. As part of this effort, TSA has been actively reviewing its screening policies and procedures to streamline and improve the screening experience for low-risk populations, such as younger passengers."

Here's the thing: it wasn't that the screener wasn't doing her job properly or not acting professional. It's that this was part of her job description at all. The outrage is that the TSA has such a ridiculous policy in place AT ALL. Plus, there was supposed to be a modified pat-down for those under 12. Plus, how is this a modified pat-down? All the sensitive areas still get touched.

Recall this quote from TSA head John Pistole back in November: “We don’t have any intelligence worldwide that children 12 and under have been used in terrorist attacks by adults."

H/T to TH Finance Editor John Ransom

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