Ohio 16th Congressional District

Posted: Sep 20, 2009 4:40 PM
The Republican Primary for the the 16th Congressional District of Ohio took an interesting detour recently when prominent Ohio blogger Matt Naugle posted a Toledo Blade article from 2006, showing Republican Matt Miller advising liberal Democrat Ted Strickland on how to defeat Republican Ken Blackwell for governor in 2006.
Toledo Blade, March 26, 2006

A young man walked up to Ted Strickland shortly after a candidate forum this week in Canton. He identified himself as a Republican, shook Mr. Strickland’s hand, and delivered a quick but harsh message. “You’ve got to add details to your answers,” said the Republican, Matt Miller, who is an Ashland County commissioner. He added: “You could win this.” This is life for Mr. Strickland, a congressman from southern Ohio and the Democratic front-runner in the governor’s race. Democrats and Republicans alike say they want more answers from him. Many also call him the favorite in the general election.
As Naugle goes on to write,
Apparently, Miller was part of the cheering section Ted Strickland- The same Gov. Strickland who has seen unemployment double in Ohio to 11.2% and the same fiscally irresponsible governor who tries to balance budgets through questionable gimmicks like unconstitutionally taxing food, using tobacco settlement money, and shoving gambling down the throats of the same voters who have voted against gambling repeatedly. If Miller is such a conservative, then why would he actively support the opponent of the most conservative candidate to ever run for Governor?
Fortunately for conservatives, Matt Miller has a long history of losing elections.  He has previously run for Congress twice, and has never raised more than $90,000.  
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