Grassley's Foot In Mouth Moment

Posted: Mar 17, 2009 10:50 AM

So Senator Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says AIG executives should

resign or (gulp) commit suicide. From Politico.

I'll avoid repeating his brand of inflammatory populist rhetoric, and
just say Grassley should resign -- not because of this statement
(though it is indicative of the kind of ridiculously embarrassing
curmudgeon he's turned into) -- but because the GOP won't be able to
move into the 21st century until we purge these 19th century liberal
dinosaurs from our ranks.

You've got to plow the fields before you can plant the seed before you
can bring in the harvest.

Pennsylvania's liberal Senator Arlen Specter appears to in danger of
losing in a primary to Pat Toomey.  Is there a good conservative out
there who could challenge Chuck Grassley?

... Paging Steve King.  Paging Steve King...