Interview Today with Lila Rose of LiveAction.Org, an amazing Pro-Life Group

Posted: Mar 13, 2009 7:37 PM

I interviewed Lila Rose while filling in for The Scott Wilder Show (100.7FM The Word, Christian Talk Radio in Dallas/Fort Worth) and what an amazing person. For someone who is only 20 years old, her passion for the pro-life movement and dedication to it is amazing.

Live Action ( uses "new media" at both the local and national level to educate and mobilize youth, and to spread a pro-life message to the next generation. Live Action San Jose, for example, has reached thousands of local youth in schools and churches with the multi-media presentations about abortion and abstinence, and sponsors many youth oriented events. Live Action also conducts student-led investigations and educational research projects and releases its work through Live Action Films, The Advocate (Live Action's quarterly student magazine), and other independent media.

Lila has launched several successful undercover investigations exposing racism and sexual abuse cover-ups by pro-abortion group Planned Parenthood.  Her brave work has revealed new evidence to build a strong case against the abortion industry and lobby.

During her freshman year at UCLA, Lila founded the student magazine The Advocate, for which she serves as Editor.  The Advocate approaches right-to-life issues from unconventional angles and publishes the results of Live Action Films' evocative student investigations and educational pieces.  The most recent issue was the first to expand its reach beyond UCLA, with students disseminating copies on over a dozen college campuses across the nation.

Exposing Planned Parenthood (by the way, with faith in the Lord, all parenthood is planned) is a great thing and Lila and her organization is to be applauded.