Filling In for Scott Wilder on KWRD-FM today 3-6:30PM CT: Guest RNC Chair Michael Steele

Posted: Feb 06, 2009 12:49 PM
I'll be filling in today as the guest host of The Scott Wilder Show on KWRD 100.7FM  The Word Christian Talk Radio in Dallas (streamed on the Internet at from 3-6:30PM CT. Joining me at 4:15PM will be newly elected RNC Chairman Michael Steele.

As Matt noted, there has been wholesale changes at the RNC today as Michael Steele comes into chairmanship. This is a positive, in my opinion, that Gov. Steele is going to have "REAL CHANGE" unlike the person up the road at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  Chairman Steele has, as I said when he was elected, given us every indication he is going to be a fighter, saying on FOX News Sunday "Why should I agree with something just because you proposed it? Why should I agree with it just because you have a 70 percent approval? You can still be wrong with a 70% approval rating."

Join me this afternoon on The Word and hear more from your new RNC Chairman.