College Students: No, We Can't Name a Single Hillary Accomplishment, But We’d Vote for Her

Daniel Doherty

5/14/2014 10:05:00 PM - Daniel Doherty

It’s true we’ve seen this Q&A session played out before on lefty television -- much to our delight. But now watch as PJ Media’s Michelle Fields breaks out that oh-so-simple question once again (you know, the same question no one seems capable of answering) at George Washington University. As expected, the Future Leaders of Tomorrow drone on and on about how wonderful Hillary Clinton is -- and why, if she does run for president, they would most assuredly vote for her. The problem? Most students couldn’t even name a specific thing she did during her tenure as secretary of state, let alone a single accomplishment.

Major props go out to the guy who seriously flagged Hillary Clinton's leadership during the Benghazi terrorist raid as perhaps her greatest accomplishment. It takes a certain type of gumption to profess that publicly: