Shorter James Woods: I’ll Never Get a Job in Hollywood Again

Posted: Oct 10, 2013 1:00 PM

Ah, the price of politics -- as Bob Woodward might say.

As you'll recall, James Woods is that actor who typically plays shady or unseemly characters in Hollywood films -- and sometimes makes appearances on the hit television show Family Guy, if I’m not mistaken. He’s quite funny, too, and a respected movie star in some circles. But as of late he’s been making national headlines and drawing the wrath of liberals. Why? For spending too much time on Twitter teeing off on the president, it seems:

Actor James Woods has been quite vocal with his criticism of President Barack Obama in the wake of the government slimdown, and the “Too Big to Fail” star said, as a result, he now expects to struggle to find work in Hollywood.

Woods has been busy tweeting about the slimdown and the President, focusing in particular on the fact that veterans have been unable to visit war memorials in Washington D.C.

“This President is a true abomination. To have barricaded the WW2 vets, but allow illegal aliens privilege...” Woods tweeted on Oct. 8.

But Woods, 66, was just warming up. The actor also called Obama “just vile. A small, small man.”

So does Woods believe his obvious contempt for the president will go unnoticed by his more, shall we say, liberal colleagues and acquaintances in Tinseltown? Not at all. When asked on Twitter if he thought his outspoken conservative politics might jeopardize his career, he responded perhaps a bit unexpectedly:

“Dude, aren't u worried about...u know..ever working again??” the Twitter user asked him.

Woods replied: “I don’t expect to work again. I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic. My country first.”

Those aren’t exactly the words of a man hell-bent on working in Hollywood anymore, huh? No matter. “My country first,” he says. In other words, my career can wait.

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