Siena Poll: Weiner's Disapproval Rating Hits Highest in Firm's History

Posted: Aug 12, 2013 11:15 AM
Siena Poll: Weiner's Disapproval Rating Hits Highest in Firm's History

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has presumably always wanted to leave his mark on the pages of history. Now he finally will:

A new poll out this morning has Anthony Weiner setting an all-time Siena College Poll record with 80 percent of voters viewing him unfavorably, including three-quarters of Democrats and New York City voters.

Only 11 percent "still have a favorable view of America's most infamous tweeter," Siena pollster Steve Greenberg said.

Two-thirds of voters say the attention from the races involving Weiner and former hooker-loving Gov. Eliot Spitzer is embarrassing to New York.

Meanwhile, current Gov. Cuomo has seen his favorability rating increase to the best level since February, just after he passed tough new gun law restrictions.

More than two- thirds think he's been effective in office. Nearly 40 percent say he's noticeably helped their lives but only one in three think he's presidential material.

You might recall that most Democratic primary voters in New York City are undecided, but that once tantalizing fact is now irrelevant. Weiner is finished. Four-fifths of those surveyed view him unfavorably while at the same time two-thirds say he’s essentially a walking embarrassment. These are not the numbers of a winning ticket. His electoral prospects are exceedingly grim, to say the least -- although I suspect he has no intention of dropping out.

In fact, his campaign has apparently just spent $500,000 on his first television ad buy. Carlos Danger isn't giving up yet, my friends:

Weiner has canvassed the streets of New York City informing voters he will fight for the middle class “and those struggling to make it.” But his message is completely overshadowed by the way he treats reporters and members of his own staff -- to say nothing of his numerous and unseemly “sexting” scandals. His arrogance, ambition and insatiable desire for public approbation are only some of the factors that have led to his downfall. Clearly, he should never have run for such a high political office so soon after resigning from Congress. But apparently he just couldn’t help himself.