GOP Rep. Fights Back Tears Defending Unborn Babies on House Floor

Daniel Doherty

6/20/2013 7:15:00 AM - Daniel Doherty

How did I miss this this yesterday? Via LifeNews:

What could be more important than ending late-term abortion in America? In my opinion ... probably nothing. Indeed, late-term abortion is a national scourge that is both deeply at odds with America’s founding principles and incompatible with natural law. Which begs the inevitable question: How long will it take for members of both political parties to finally come together and acknowledge basic facts and objective truths about human life? For example, an unborn child at 28 weeks gestation is not a “fetus” or a “bundle of cells.” Rather, an unborn child that far along is a human being -- and therefore should be protected by federal and state laws. It’s really quite simple. After all, when the humanity of a child is determined not by biology -- but by whether or not the baby is located inside or outside the womb -- we know we have a serious problem in this country.

In any case, kudos to Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) -- and all the other Republican House members -- for standing up and defending innocent human life this week.

Let us hope they continue to do so.