Powers: The Media’s Failure to Report on the Gosnell Trial is “a Disgrace”

Posted: Apr 12, 2013 7:00 AM

The mainstream media’s lack of coverage and lack of interest in the trial of “Doctor” Kermit Gosnell is not surprising. But kudos to columnist Kirsten Powers for shedding light on their stunning negligence:

A Lexis-Nexis search shows none of the news shows on the three major national television networks has mentioned the Gosnell trial in the last three months. The exception is when Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan hijacked a segment on Meet the Press meant to foment outrage over an anti-abortion rights law in some backward red state.

The Washington Post has not published original reporting on this during the trial and The New York Times saw fit to run one original story on A-17 on the trial's first day. They've been silent ever since, despite headline-worthy testimony.

Let me state the obvious. This should be front page news. When Rush Limbaugh attacked Sandra Fluke, there was non-stop media hysteria. The venerable NBC Nightly News' Brian Williams intoned, "A firestorm of outrage from women after a crude tirade from Rush Limbaugh," as he teased a segment on the brouhaha. Yet, accusations of babies having their heads severed — a major human rights story if there ever was one — doesn't make the cut.

You don't have to oppose abortion rights to find late-term abortion abhorrent or to find the Gosnell trial eminently newsworthy. This is not about being "pro-choice" or "pro-life." It's about basic human rights.

The deafening silence of too much of the media, once a force for justice in America, is a disgrace.

Powers’ main point is a valid one: whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice does not matter in this particular case. This is ultimately a matter of preserving and protecting innocent human life. And the media’s obvious indifference to the suffering and killing of born alive infants is difficult to bear. Of course, liberals love to finance and raise awareness about causes that shelter helpless animals or feed starving children in third world countries (two admittedly noble endeavors), but when clear injustices occur at home -- and don’t advance their “abortion on demand” narrative -- they are conspicuously silent. Why am I not surprised?

But more to the point, an infant who can scream and jump outside his/her mother’s womb is a human being -- and therefore should unquestionably be granted citizenship rights. This is something one would hope every American with a soul and conscience could agree upon. (Sadly that’s not the case). Meanwhile, any television network that refuses to bring these harrowing details to light (yet unfailingly reminds the public that Republicans are waging a “war on women”) should be treated with contempt. What about the real war on living, sentient human beings? Do they really have nothing to say about that?

The more I read about this trial and the actions of one sick and twisted man -- and his cowardly and ultimately weak-kneed staff -- the more I realize how far the MSM will go to hide what really goes on behind closed doors in some of the nation’s so-called “abortion” clinics. Thankfully, though, actual journalists aren’t letting them get away with it.