WATCH: Rubio Delivers Weekly GOP Address, Says Growing the Middle Class "Starts With Our People"

Posted: Dec 08, 2012 2:00 PM

During this week’s GOP address, Florida Senator Marco Rubio essentially condensed what he said during his timely and moving remarks after receiving the Jack Kemp Foundation’s Leadership Award last Tuesday night. In short, he explained -- in less than five minutes -- that the greatest challenge we face as a nation is that too many Americans are unable to rise out of poverty (or the circumstances of their birth) into the middle class. The reason, he says, is twofold: “[1] because our economy is not creating enough [middle class] jobs and [2] because too many of our people don’t have the education or skills required for the jobs that are being created.” Moreover, he discussed how burdensome regulations are having a negative impact on job creation and economic growth, while at the same time reminded viewers that educators must “stop preparing 21st century students using a 20th century education model.” He wants governmental policy to stop discriminating against online college courses, for example, while extolling the benefits of non-traditional college courses, vocational training, and skill development.

“The emergence of a strong 21st century American middle class is the answer to our most pressing challenges,” he said. “And it all starts with our people.” Take a look: