Surprise: Elizabeth Warren Refuses to Explain Heritage Claims at the DNC

Posted: Sep 04, 2012 10:37 PM

As an obligatory follow-up to my post earlier today, it appears US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren is steadfastly refusing to confirm or deny allegations she purposefully lied about her ethnic heritage in order to bolster her academic career. The Boston Herald reports:

Elizabeth Warren, scrambling to shift focus from her ongoing Cherokee scandal, dismissed demands from Native Americans who want her to explain her heritage claims in her first appearance at the Democratic National Convention this morning.

“I’ve answered those questions, what I’m here to talk about (is) what’s happening to America’s working class families,” said Warren, who had just completed brief appearances on the “Today Show” before the prime-time speech tomorrow.

Questions surrounding Warren’s American Indian heritage re-emerged after many members of a council of Democratic Native Americans — including the great-grandson of Geronimo — were outraged that Warren listed herself as a minority in a law school directory without any proof.

Warren ignored a follow-up question about whether she was refusing to meet with the group, who are loyal Democrats and come from across the country. She has continued to claim that her Cherokee roots are a part of her life due to stories her family told her, but she’s declined to speak further about the issue.

Are we really surprised? I mean, this is the same Democratic Senate candidate who told reporters last May the reason she listed herself as an ethnic minority (for nine years) in a professional law journal was to, ahem, meet “people who are like I am.” Wow. And setting aside the fact she still cannot produce one single shred of evidence corroborating her dubious (and discredited claim), Professor Warren also stopped self-identifying as a Native American in 1995 -- that is, the very same year she achieved tenure at one of the most prestigious law schools in the nation. Curious, isn’t it? In other words, there’s a reason why Elizabeth Warren is constantly avoiding reporters by dismissively declaring she’s “already answered those [kinds of] questions.” She hasn’t. Just ask any of the disgruntled Democrats at the DNC (who also happen to be Native Americans) still waiting for answers.