Get Excited: Michelle Obama Launches the “It Takes One” Program

Posted: Jul 19, 2012 11:19 AM

Ah, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Taking on a more prominent political role, first lady Michelle Obama is launching a nationwide effort to motivate every supporter of President Barack Obama to get more involved in his re-election campaign — and bring along somebody else, too.

The "It Takes One" program urges supporters to make a difference in this election, and to "start by taking one action that will help grow our campaign," Mrs. Obama says. In a three-minute video message to supporters being released Thursday, the first lady tells supporters that with a tighter election than 2008 likely this fall, "in the end it could all come down to those last few thousand votes in a single state."

"Every time you take action to move this country forward, we're asking you to inspire one more person to join you as well," she says. "That could be the difference between waking up on Nov. 7 and feeling the promise of four more years or asking yourself, 'Could I could have done more?'"

The video opens with Mrs. Obama recalling her husband's first campaign for the Illinois legislature, when the newly married couple would take friends along when they went out to collect petition signatures to get Obama on the ballot.

"Help one new voter get registered through, recruit one more volunteer, or bring a friend to the next phone bank you attend," Mrs. Obama says. "If we all commit to finding at least one way to make an impact, we can ensure that we'll keep moving this country forward for another four years."

Hmm. Maybe -- just maybe -- the president should ask himself, “Hey, could I have done more.” The answer, of course, is yes. In fact, Mitt Romney drove this point home on Wednesday, criticizing the “campaigner-in-chief” for hosting 100 fundraisers this year while, at the same time, failing to meet publicly with his (politically problematic) Jobs Council even once. Priorities. In truth, a recent poll suggests The One is way over his head. A plurality of voters disapprove of his handling of the economy and his favorability ratings are -- somewhat surprisingly -- plummeting. On the other hand, according to Gallup, 66 percent of Americans have “a favorable view” of the first lady. Thus, her widespread popularity, perhaps, is her husband's most valuable asset.

I think this election, however, is ultimately going to be a referendum on the president’s economic policies. His failed stimulus package, numerousgreen jobs” boondoggles, and complete disregard for duly passed laws are only some of the factors jeopardizing his chances of winning reelection. And, yes, while Team O’s latest imitative will probably attract some swing state voters -- he still has an awful lot of explaining to do before November 6th.