PPP Poll: Brown: 46, Warren: 46

Posted: Jun 26, 2012 8:08 PM

My only consolation is that PPP is a Democratic polling company. Sigh.

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) and Democrat Elizabeth Warren are tied at 46 percent support apiece, according to a new poll from the Democratic-affiliated Public Policy Polling.

The PPP poll shows Warren remaining steady — their last two polls had her at 46 percent as well — while Brown has slightly improved in the last few months. Brown remains viable in the heavily Democratic state because of a 24-point lead with independent voters.

This is the latest poll to show a neck-and-neck race: the last eight public polls of the race have had the candidates within 2 percentage points of each other.

The results from this survey are simply infuriating. (Although a deeper look at the numbers would reveal that Scott Brown’s approval rating among independents and Democrats is up modestly). Nevertheless, we’ve gone to great lengths (read this, this, this, this and this) to explain how Elizabeth Warren almost certainly cheated her way into the upper echelons of academia. We now know, for example -- by her own admission -- that she told at least two Ivy legal institutions she was Native American. And yet, to this day, she still cannot produce one single document corroborating that claim. Hmm. This, of course, should raise serious questions about whether or not she’s fit to represent the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in the nation's most prestigious legislative body. Meanwhile, apparently, her “alleged” misconduct has failed to hurt her electoral prospects in the slightest! How is this possible? In any case, I have no doubt Scott Brown is more than capable of winning reelection on his own merits. After all, he wrested the Kennedy seat from Democrats in 2010 (or, should I say, the “people’s seat”?) against overwhelming and seemingly impossible odds. His approval rating is sky high and many consider him to be the most popular politician in the state. On the other hand, the survey suggests that the showdown in Massachusetts will probably be closer than previously expected. (The president of Public Policy Polling still considers it a “toss up.”) One would think, however, that Team Warren’s never-ending string of public relations blunders would catapult Senator Brown into frontrunner status.

Unfortunately, this race has only just begun.