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Sandusky Found Guilty on 45 of 48 Counts of Sexual Abuse

Well, my friends, the verdict is in. And it appears that Jerry Sandusky – the longtime Penn State assistant football coach – is going to jail for a long, long time.


Sandusky was found guilty of 45 of 48 counts against him. One of his six adopted children has also said he was abused, but he was not called to testify.

Just as shocking as the graphic details of the attacks for many Americans was the reported cover-up. The scandal has prompted comparisons with attempts by the Roman Catholic church in the US to protect paedophile priests.

The scandal ended the careers of Joe Paterno, the legendary head coach at Penn State, and Graham Spanier, the university president.

Defense lawyers, according to CBS News, say they will appeal the convictions.

The guilty counts included eight of the most serious charges, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, with each count carrying a maximum of 20 years in prison, nine counts of unlawful contact with minors, also carrying a 20-year maximum for each count, and 10 counts of endangering the welfare of a child," with a seven year maximum term for each count attached.

Sandusky was found guilty on all six counts related to victim number one, now 18, who broke down on the stand as he testified to being repeatedly sodomized by Sandusky beginning at age 13.

Another emotional accuser, victim number four, says he suffered years of sustained abuse, and found solace in five guilty counts.

Lead defense attorney Joe Amendola said, "I believe the jury acted genuinely and in good faith."

He said, in the end, a mountain of Commonwealth evidence was too much to climb.

"We were in an uphill battle, attempting to climb Mt. Everest from the bottom of the mount," he said. "Obviously, we didn't make it."

Moments after the verdicts were read, Sandusky's bond was revoked and he was immediately remanded to jail.

As he was escorted from court, he took one final glance to his right, to his wife of 45 years. Dottie Sandusky and her family hugged and broke down in tears.

Amendola told CBS News an appeal is planned but, barring a reversal of the convictions, the Sandusky will spend the rest of his life in prison.


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