McDonnell: Hey MSM, Can We Please Talk About the Economy For Once?

Posted: Mar 11, 2012 1:29 PM

Courtesy of the National Journal:

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell would rather spend his time talking about a struggling economy than about abortion rights. So, naturally, a good chunk of NBC’s Meet the Press focused on the latter.

Last week McDonnell signed into law a bill that would require women to have an ultrasound before getting an abortion. The bill was less invasive than an original version in that it only requires external ultrasounds (rather than the transvaginal type), but still has raised the ire of many constituents.

When asked by host David Gregory how he could support such a mandated measure while running against Obama’s health care law as government intrusion, McDonnell said it was a false equivalency.

“This was about stating what informed consent is and saying women have a right to know certain things before a procedure,” he said. “Every invasive procedure has an informed consent requirement.” McDonnell said this was just an excuse for Democrats to “get the focus off the abysmal record of this administration” concerning jobs and the economy.

“What we simply said is we support the concept of the ultrasound,” he said. “The focus on this election is not about that. When people go into the voting booth in November, they're going to look at who's got the best idea to get us out of debt and create jobs.”

For obvious reasons, this another painful reminder that the MSM refuses to discuss any economic issue that may shed light on the president’s failed policies. Even worse, Bob McDonnell is perhaps America’s leading expert on the subject. When he was elected governor of Virginia in 2009, for example, he transformed the Commonwealth's six billion dollar bi-annual deficit into two consecutive budget surpluses without raising taxes. At a time when thousands of workers are unemployed or underemployed, McDonnell is decidedly right when he says Americans are looking for real solutions – not empty rhetoric – to the nation’s most pressing problems. What a shame NBC didn’t take advantage of their time with him. But then again, I’m really not surprised.

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