New Ron Paul Ad Goes on the Offensive: Three of a Kind

Posted: Feb 29, 2012 10:16 AM

Following last night’s "surprising" results, Texas Congressman Ron Paul seems to have officially broken his so-called secret non-aggression pact with Mitt Romney. On Wednesday, for example, a devastating new Paul ad will hit Washington state airwaves attacking all three of his Republican rivals. In the sixty second spot, Team Paul immediately and brazenly criticizes former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, painting him as a “serial hypocrite” and unscrupulous public servant for his dealings and suspect relationship with mortgage giant Freddie Mac. Rick Santorum, by contrast, is a “counterfeit conservative” who “massively increased spending” as a member of the United States Senate, and even voted for legislation to fund Planned Parenthood. Perhaps worst of all, though, the advertisement suggests that Mitt Romney is an unprincipled, big government “flip-flopper” who provided “the blueprint for Obamacare.” Ouch.

Indeed, after a poor showing last night in two crucial Republican primaries – he finished dead last in Arizona – the Texas Congressman is looking to gain some momentum before Super Tuesday. After all, he has yet to win a single state thus far, and has only garnered 18 delegates. (Incidentally, he needs 1126 more to clinch the nomination.) Granted, while it’s still early, Ron Paul’s chances of being the Republican nominee are, shall we say, highly unlikely. Nevertheless, if he can amass enough delegates in the weeks ahead, it’s perhaps possible he will play a greater role at the 2012 Republican National Convention than previously expected.

What is becoming increasingly obvious, however, is that Ron Paul is running for president to win. And – as his latest ad proves – is willing to take on any candidate who stands in his way.