Sick: Planned Parenthood Gives Award to Abortion Clinic That Exceeds Expectations

Cortney O'Brien

7/1/2014 10:30:00 AM - Cortney O'Brien

This weekend I shared the ten truths I learned about Planned Parenthood at the National Right to Life Convention. Today, I think I've found my number 11: They give out awards to clinics that exceed their abortion quotas.

Former Planned Parenthood employees have revealed that the organization requires its affiliates to meet abortion quotas in order to stay in business. This claim has been disputed, but now it seems we have some documented proof in the state of Colorado.

The Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains awarded its Aurora abortion clinic with a certificate for "exceeding abortion visits the first half of the Fiscal Year 2012 compared to the first half of the Fiscal Year 2013." Just take a look at the sign:

 photo 93b72eef-a683-4d28-86a6-48c78166dac9_zps27e482ad.jpg

This is just more proof that Planned Parenthood, a business which claims to be for "women's health care," is all about abortion. How else can you explain why 12 percent of their clients have the procedure? Now, it seems, Planned Parenthood is giving their clinics incentives to increase that number.

Sick. But perhaps not surprising.