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Newspapers Around the World React to Obama Victory

We know Barack Obama will be pictured on almost every newspaper in America today. But, how does the rest of the world view America’s reelection of the Democratic president? These headlines from around the world reveal the varying perceptions foreign nations have of Obama’s success and what it means for the future of our country.

France’s Le Monde proclaims, “Les Cles de la victoire d’Obama” and analyzes the president’s decisive win:

“Paradoxically, it is the balance that allowed Barack Obama to win. He showed that federal aid can contribute to economic growth. And he managed to seduce the electorate Hispanic deterred by the conservatism of the Republicans.”

Other news sites disregard generalities and use selective wording to tout their approval. Consider this headline from Al Ja-Zeera, the popular satellite TV broadcaster based in Qatar:

“Triumphant Obama looks to the future”

Al Arabiya News, another publication in the Arab world, proclaims, “Obama does it again!”

Over in Europe, England’s The Daily Mail shows a photo of the Obamas celebrating with the words “Now make them count” underneath in bold letters.

The article proceeds to praise the president’s acceptance speech:

“Barack Obama this morning called for unity and presented an optimistic vision of the future as he declared victory in the American presidential election.”

Other outlets are not so optimistic about Obama’s pledge to reunite America. Many foresee challenges ahead for our “shining city on a hill.”

In Antarctica, for instance, MercoPress writes,

“Obama re-elected but Congress remains deeply divided.”

Switzerland’s 24 Heures echoes this warning:

“Barack Obama wins without reuniting America.”

Egypt’s Kalem Journal headlines the election with a question:

“Obama is Reelected: Now What?”

“The mood surrounding Mr. Obama’s reelection is a far cry from the gushing joy that was felt throughout the country and much of the world four years ago. The U.S. economy remains in a precarious situation: high unemployment, massive debt and sluggish growth have kept the country draped in a pessimistic mood. External contingencies like a slowing China or a Eurozone collapse threaten to drag the U.S. economy into another recession.”

Ireland’s The Independent is yet another outlet that suggests Obama can only enjoy a cautious celebration:

“US election 2012: Little victory time for President Obama as major challenges looming.”

Instead of focusing on the big picture, some international sites choose to concentrate on pretty unique angles. Italy’s CronaCaoggi, for example, centers its election coverage on/ on the president’s running mate:


“US Elections and Style of Vice President Joe Biden”

The short post, instead of discussing the results, reveals how Biden did not have to wait in line when casting his vote on Election Day.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz, meanwhile, places more emphasis on the president’s dealings with Iran than the race itself:

“Iran to take center stage again on new-old President Obama’s agenda.”

“Even if Obama’s attitude toward Israel seems estranged, he is a ‘responsible adult’ with a sober grasp of what’s happening in the Middle East and of strategic interests in the region.”

Election Day in America spawned different headlines and varying angles. But, one thing’s for sure:

Obama’s face will remain a familiar image around the world for the next four years.


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