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"Binders Full Of Women": The Dumbest Campaign Controversy Since Big Bird

If you went to some liberal-leaning news outlets to find post-debate analysis from the second presidential debate, you would think Governor Romney’s “binders full of women” comment was the most important moment of the night.

Liberal news outlets were quick to pounce on Governor’s Romney’s answer to debate audience member Katharine Fenton’s question on gender pay inequality. Now, these left-leaning sites are discussing the governor’s somewhat awkward answer and devoting it as front-page worthy news, taking up space they could use to discuss more important substance from the debate such as the two candidates plans for the economy.

A Huffington Post article declares, “The biggest winner during Tuesday night's town hall presidential debate may have been "binders full of women." The author then proceeds to suggest his comment was misleading.

Over at the Washington Post, authors discuss how the ‘binder’ comment is the new “Big Bird,” while praising Obama’s answer. “Obama talked seriously about contraception in health care plans, Planned Parenthood, and fair pay, and such a discussion was desperately needed.” A front page story entitled, “Women’s Issues Help Shape Presidential Debate,” also references and analyzes Romney’s statement early in the piece.

Over at the New York Times, Michael D. Shear, in his article, “Debate Moves Women to Fore in Race for the White House,” suggests Romney’s answer to the unequal pay question was the “most memorable exchange of the debate.”


NBCNews joins the media’s ‘binder’ bandwagon and is quick to declare Obama the town hall debate winner after highlighting Romney’s “uncomfortable” moments. The site also dedicates a page full of memes mocking the governor’s comment.

While placing so much attention on Romney’s ‘binders of women’ comment, the mainstream media is downplaying more important issues such as Libya or the two men’s very different plans for the economy. These liberal outlets are all but ignoring, for instance, Romney’s stellar critique of Obama’s first term in response to Michael Jones’ “Why should I vote for you again?” question.

If we’ve learned anything from the 'Big Bird' fallout, the ‘women full of binders’ craze will soon fly into insignificant territory.

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