The Chris and Katie Project: Episode 3

Posted: Apr 28, 2011 2:04 PM
Braving forecasts of tornadoes in Virginia and all the D.C. crazies who can't drive in "scary" weather, we toughed it out and have for you Episode 3 of "The Chris & Katie Project".

Go ahead, listen. You know you want to.

In this show, we scream about:
*Gun rights under attack
*Washington, D.C., is nuts
*The Obama administration's gun control agenda
*Why can't people drive?
*Chris shares story of being held up a gun point -- at the U.S. Capitol
*Why the second amendment is a good thing
*Katie loves polar bears
*Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes bill to carry on campus
*Massachusetts people confuse umbrella with rifle -- and freak out
*The nanny state is at it again
*Banning tag, kickball and other stuff kids like to do
*TSA out of control
*They touched your what?
*The Gulf of Mexico is back to normal one year after the BP spill -- liberals shocked that conservatives were right again
*The Royal Wedding is, well, stupid
*and much, much more.
And yes, Katie actually said that word. Listen now.